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Personalized Biobanking


OPTIC can assist researchers that would like to develop and maintain annotated patient derived xenografts, primary tumor cell lines, single cell plates, cancer stem cell lines and tumor spheroids / organoids across a variety of histologies.  Molecularly profiled biobanked specimens and matching cell lines, cancer cells, single cells, and spheroids / organoids, can be made available to any researchers interested in the discovery of new cancer targets (drivers, master regulators, etc.) or biomarkers of prognosis and therapeutic response.

PDTCs and Tumor Spheroids / Organoids

Primary derived tumor cell lines (PDTCs) can be generated from freshly resected tumors and cryopreserved at low passage so they retain features as close as possible to the original tumor.  With collaboration of other expert labs, we have the capabilities to generate tumor spheroids and organoids for any researchers that would request them. 

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