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Xenograft Studies


OPTIC is here to assist Columbia University researchers and Columbia startup ventures by conducting single or combination therapies in preclinical studies.  Our studies are conducted with a highly experienced team of science researchers, including cell biologists and bio-engineers. 


For each project, OPTIC will provide consultations on experimental design. The project timeline will be determined in advance, since model development takes a significant amount of time. Arrangements for protocol submission are also initiated early on to ensure that the proposed experiments are completed within the expected time frames.

Examples of the type of studies we can perform are tumor growth measurements, PK/PD studies, monotherapy and combination efficacy and survival studies, Drug toxicity and MTD studies, and more!


Once the logistical details are finalized, the OPTIC team will implement the study and assist the investigator with data presentation and interpretation.


OPTIC strictly follows SOPs in-house and through the NIH best practices for tissue collection, tumor model generation, and model quality control. The goal is to have standardized methods for generation, maintenance, and analysis of personalized tumor model experiments. This will enhance the clinical relevance of generated models.

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